Innovative Communications, Inc. is proud to announce that 3 additional staff members have completed the “Pro Audio Technical Specialist – Technical Specialist” course. This 2 day training from ClearOne University ensures we will have highly qualified staff across the state that can respond to client calls quickly and accurately saving our clients time and money. The training includes 2 packed days of hands-on learning concluding with a knowledge based test to earn the certification. ICI is proud of our staff for their accomplishment and dedication to our clients.

Innovative Communications, Inc. ( and FOX17 Grand Rapids,MI have teamed up to use ICI’s live stream of the Mackinac Bridge in their weather segments during their evening newscast.  The bridge camera is the only 24/7 live feed of the Mackinac Bridge. Innovative Communications, Inc. is proud to team up with FOX17 to bring great landmarks in Michigan to a wide audience.  The bridge camera along with other camera views are available at a service of Innovative Communications, Inc. (

Innovative Communications, Inc has certified 2 more technicians with the “Harman Certified Control Associate| Commissioning” Certification. ICI is proud of our continuous training and certification’s for all of our skilled employees to allow them to provide you with the best experience and technical know how to get your project designed installed and maintained with the highest level of knowledge and professionalism.
To find out more what ICI can do for you contact us at (989)754-5040.

May 23,2016

Innovative Communications, Inc. has installed an AXIS IP camera and streaming solution for the city of Saline MI.  The city wanted to let it’s citizens see the progress of the US-12 Michigan Avenue Construction.  Now the citizens of Saline and others can go to the city website and see a live stream anytime 24/7. The streaming is scheduled to continue until some time late November.