Educational tecIMAG2450hnologies open up classroom instruction in interesting ways that traditional books and pencils can’t. Students today have grown up using tech tools like mobile phones and spend their free time playing video games or Skyping with friends.

Modern instructional technology meets students where they’re at by introducing these same technologies into the classroom to augment instruction and strengthen student engagement.

With ICI’s intelligent use of technology, combined with new approaches to education, a more personalized style of learning can be realized.

Effective A/V technology integration is achieved when its use supports curricular goals. Some of the key components of A/V technology design:

1.  Active engagement
2.  Participation in groups
3.  Frequent interaction and feedback
4.  Connection to real-world experts

An A/V installation from ICI can expand the educational possibilities for your school, university, or corporation. Whether your goals are to exchange information with other organizations, provide additional curriculum to your existing program or connect your learners to the outside world, an A/V technology system from ICI is one of the best solutions to achieve these goals.

Students that learn by using technology have an advantage in the “real world.” Businesses are looking for people who are proficient and comfortable using technology. There is an expectation that college graduates are just going to know how to do these things on their own.





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