arraignmentsystemTechnology is a powerful enabler that can empower courts and the legal system to meet core purposes and responsibilities, even while severe economic pressures reduce court staff, reduce hours of operation, and even close court locations.

ICI is dedicated to advancing the efficient use of technology in the administration of justice. We are actively engaged in the design and implementation of the appropriate A/V technology in courtrooms, jails, and law offices.


Some of our expertise in the legal A/V integration includes:

Remote Collaboration – Enables members of a team to work collaboratively from multiple locations as if in the same physical location. This is possible through software conferencing programs that allow the sharing of files while communicating and seeing each other on the same screen using small desktop cameras or cameras built-in to laptop computers. The same remote access technology allows for the taking of witness statements from remote locations while the parties can see each other or view exhibits on the computer screen.

Videoconferencing – Conferencing from multiple locations using high-speed internet connections to transmit your live video, audio, and graphical images.

Large Display Technology – Enhance your courtroom in the display and viewing of evidence, documents, and pictures for all to see.

Video Arraignments – An ICI Video Arraignment System will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of courtroom proceedings. The advanced features and capabilities of a videoconferencing system can connect judicial agencies to penal institutions, enabling you to conduct arraignments at a remote location, faster, easier, and safer than ever before

Courtroom Audio System – In a court of law, the spoken word must be recorded clearly and precisely so that it is understood today and into the future. Our solutions provide accuracy and reliability while taking full advantage of all of the digital technology available today. Not only do we market digital courtroom recording rolutions but we also provide sound reinforcement and hearing impaired systems.

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